New Overtime Regulations Put On Hold

On November 22, 2016, in a Federal District Court in Texas, a Judge issued a ruling which stays the new FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) changes. The previously announced changes increasing exempt empl ... Read more

Financial Information for The Board and Accounting programs

We have discussed in the past that a nonprofit Board needs financial information to help them make informed decisions. But what kind of information do they need?  We have seen a number of practic ... Read more

Welcome Dan Johnson as my new associate attorney

I am pleased to announce that I have hired Daniel Johnson as an associate in my Glenview office.  Dan will help to serve our estate planning, probate and business and nonprofit clients.  He ... Read more

Non-Profit Donor Engagement

The Non-Profit Times recently published an article recently about the 7 drivers of donor loyalty. It was full of useful tips for non-profit organizations. While a non-profit organization is always sea ... Read more

Should you set up a subsidiary for part of your operations?

We are sometimes asked by a client if they should set up a subsidiary for some part of there operations. A subsidiary is usually necessary in 2 situations:   First, the nonprofit is und ... Read more

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